Redevelopment in the simplest terms can be put as the process of demolishing an old building and redeveloping it with the help of a builder. This process offers new flats with additional features to the old tenants. VKG believes in providing modern urban homes with world class features to all its customers, we do this by acquiring new lands where we develop marvellous landmarks or we help societies residing in dilapidated buildings by providing them with modern day structures. Most old structures are highly unsafe to live in and in the past we have seen many such buildings collapse due to negligence of the residents causing havoc in the lives of the inhabitants.

VKG has the urge to help all those societies living in dangerous structures by providing them with a hassle free rehabilitation into their modern day homes. Redevelopment is necessary because every building has an inbuilt shelf-life, after which it becomes unsafe, unattractive to the market and difficult to maintain.

Even now, a number of housing societies in Mumbai are contemplating the redevelopment option. However, the stakeholders of these societies often lack the information they need to make an informed call on which developer to enlist, and what guidelines they should follow before making a commitment. The purpose of this guide is to educate societies living in old buildings about the steps and guidelines they must follow to make a stress free transformation into their new lifestyle.

  1. Offer letter to the society
  2. Terms and conditions with the society
  3. Agreement with the society
  4. Sanction from MCGM in favour of the society
  5. Loading of TDR in the society’s name
  6. Obtaining the IOD
  7. Shifting of the members
  8. Demolition of the building
  9. Obtaining the CC
  10. Construction of the new building
  11. Obtaining the OC
  12. Shifting the old members

One of the things that causes the most stress when any housing society starts the redevelopment process is finding the right builder. Selecting the right builder, negotiating various terms and dealing with their team can be one of the most stressful things. We at VKG have changed this to help societies in going through the process without any stress, this is done with the help of our dedicated team which specializes and works exclusively on managing the redevelopment of housing societies, ensuring the members of the society experience a hassle free transformation into their new home.

Vijay Khetan Group believes in providing our customers with a better experience in every aspect of life. We start by providing them with an infrastructure which takes their living to the next level. Inspired by nature and it’s wonders, our architects and designers strive towards creating structures which would create an impact similar to seeing the wonderful works of nature. The first thing that makes a difference in living is the look and feel of where you live, we take extreme care to ensure that our customers get what they want by taking inputs from them before we start designing their homes

VKG has carved it’s way to become one of the top real estate developers in Mumbai and has a vision to do the same in the global market. Under the pioneering leadership of Mr. Vijay Khetan and the meticulous efforts of our team, this vision will not take long in becoming the reality